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Install the PeppermintOS Ice application on Kubuntu

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Ice is an application that allows you to deal with web applications like your ordinary desktop applications under, of course, one condition, that you have working Internet Connectivity. It, simply, runs an instance of one of your system available browsers and you are able to make it isolated from other cookies and history settings. This application is found as a part of PeppermentOS and it should be installed easily with all Debian based Linux distributions […]

First look at Vivaldi blogs

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This is my first post on my new Vivaldi blog. It looks neat blogging application for the first time. I have performed quick customisation for the look and feel of my new blog. I found the process is clear and easy to be maintained. In the next days, I will do more tests and I will get deeper with Vivaldi blog experience that I think it will promising.

Hello world!

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Welcome to your new Blog! We’re really excited to see what you do with it. This draft post is here to show you what your posts will look like and to give you a few tips on getting started. Feel free to edit it, delete it or keep it saved as a draft for reference later. Publishing If you’re familiar with WordPress, you’ll be right at home. To get started creating your own posts head […]