Install the PeppermintOS Ice application on Kubuntu

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Ice is an application that allows you to deal with web applications like your ordinary desktop applications under, of course, one condition, that you have working Internet Connectivity. It, simply, runs an instance of one of your system available browsers and you are able to make it isolated from other cookies and history settings.

This application is found as a part of PeppermentOS and it should be installed easily with all Debian based Linux distributions including Kubuntu.

First, you have to download the latest Debian package of the application. Go to PeppermentOS section on Launchpad and look for the latest release of PeppermentOS link there. (Currently it is Pepperment 10 respin). Click the link and you will find a list of packages, one of them is ice. Click on the link found at the top right corner of the list named “View Package details” to get another list for details in which you will find a downloadable link to the Debian package of the Ice application. Now, you will find the detailed list with an item named “ice-x.y.z”, where x.y.z is the version of the application , click on that item to reveal some details including at the end section named “Package files” where you will find a file item with .deb extension, click on its link to download it.

After downloading the file right click on it and choose “Open with QApt Package Installer“. It will install some Python’s dependencies and the application will be ready to use.

Screen shot of Ice


  1. ultraviolet says

    i’ve always wondered if ICE was available for other distros, thanks for the head-up

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